McDonald’s New Menu: Discover and Learn How It’s Made

McDonald's New Menu

Even though we’re addicted to eating all of our old favourites from McDonald’s, including the Big Mac and the traditional cheeseburger, the fast food business constantly changes their menu.

The latest additions to the McD’s menu for patrons who visit to satisfy their cravings for quick meals have been plentiful this year.

What will be the fresh offerings on the menu within 2023, as well as how long will you need to try things before they disappear? Who knows you will get an Arch card!

 Now let’s get going.


The McSpicy made a comeback to the food menu and is now here to stay. After showing to be popular among users during its first release in 2021. McD’s food safety measures are top of all to make things not only delicious but healthy.

It comes with a crispy-coated, spicy, sizzling chicken, crunchy lettuce, plus a traditional sandwich dressing on sesame seed bread.

Cost: £4.29 for just one serving, or £5.79 for an entire meal.

Double McPlant

There is now an extra-large version available for McPlant lovers to enjoy.

Lovers of the McPlant may now savour two patties rather than just one thanks to a launch in January timed around vegan month.

The vegan patty consists of two succulent burgers bought by Beyond Meat. A sesame seed bread, vegan sandwich sauce, condiments, mustard, onions, pickles, spinach, and tomato. 

Cost: £4.89 for an individual serving and £6.49 for a meal

Temporary Menu Items

Meal 9: Chicken McNugget

Enjoy your additional chicken McNuggets without fail. Have you ever wanted your chicken McNugget meal to be a little bit larger? You’re going to be able to enjoy a nine-nugget dinner as soon as ever starting in October. It is a blessing because before you could only obtain a six-nugget supper or a solitary box of nine.

However, act quickly since it will only be accessible until November 12.

McCrispy Smokehouse Barbecue

The McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse serves smokey BBQ sauce-coated chicken.

This crispy-coated version of the McCrispy, which goes well with smoked BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar, onions, and lettuce, will be sold.

Encased within a sesame sourdough bread is everything. Delectable.

Cost: £7.39

Philadelphia Cheese Tray

There’s more mozzarella than you could ever want in the Philly Cheese Stack.· Delivered with toasted bread with two tender beef patties, a layer of mozzarella sauce, four cheese slices, crunchy grilled onions, plus pickles, this sandwich from Metro One is sure to please even the pickiest cheese fan.

Cost: £6.99

Cheese Bites with Chilli Sauce

This October, make sure not to skip out on chilli cheese nibbles.

This will be another present for cheese enthusiasts, available starting on October 18. It consists of four different kinds of cheese then chillis coated in a crispy coating and topped with a flavorful tomato sauce.

If you really cannot find enough of these, a 12-piece share box with 3 tomato dips is also accessible.

Cost: £2.49 for four or £6.79 for twelve.

Halloween McFlurry M&Ms

M&M McFlurry 

McDonald’s is providing several food choices to get ready for the Halloween mood, including their newest McFlurry selections.

Expect to see M&Ms swirled into McDonald’s ice syrup and whipped cream forms with a Halloween motif, all covered with Galaxy chocolaty sauce.

Cost: £1.49 for small/£1.99 for regular

Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry

McFlurry makeover for Twix 

Another McFlurry, which includes McDonald’s scoops of ice cream covered with chocolate and Twix biscuit bits and finished with caramel apple sauce, is planned to add a little Halloween flair to the McDonald’s food.

Cost: £1.49 for small/£1.99 for regular

Apple Pie with Toffee

A take on a traditional 

Another menu item getting a facelift for Halloween is the traditional McDonald’s apple pie.

This version has crunchy pastry stuffed with chunks of toffee plus a spiced peach sauce and toffee syrup.

Cost: £1.99

Apple Donut Toffee

Take note of this latest offering from the doughnut menu (Image: McDonald’s).Copyright Given by Metro

With the addition of this delectable delight to the November menu, it’s a perfect time to become a McDonald’s fan to satisfy a sweet craving.

Imagine a ring of doughnuts with toffee apple compote, crumble bits, and toffee sauce, all by the momentous theme featured on the menu.

Cost: £2.19

Soon, new menu items will vanish.

These delicacies have been added to the McDonald’s menu only a few months ago, but they will soon be removed:

  • Coffee with Caramel Waffle
  • There’s not much longer for you to sample the latest latte. Coffee lovers have a limited time to sample a new latte flavour since the fall beverage will only be available.
  • The Caramel Waffles Latte is a delicious dessert with waffle flavour syrup, sugar cream, plus a coating of caramel candy on top.
  • Cost: £2.69
  • Earlier new additions
  • These are all the menu items from this year that are no longer available:
  • Lotus Biscoff McFlurry Triple Big Mac (bacon included or not) Sriracha Wrap
  • Big Mac with chicken.
  • Magnificent McMuffin Steakhouse Tower
  • Cadbury, Inc. Caramel McFlurry Confectionery Mini Egg McFlurry Spicy Large Delicious
  • Cheesy Garlic Bites
  • Double Chocolate Pie
  • Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry
  • Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry
  • McCrispy Deluxe

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